Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration

Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff

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Executive Committee

Committee Members: Lisa Desprez (Chair), Ashley Lathrop (Vice Chair), Amanda Jones (Secretary)

  • To serve in a facilitating role in developing projects, discussing subcommittee work, and preparing for meetings

Benefit / Work Climate / Health Safety Subcommittee

Committee Members: Shannon McGaughey (Chair), Kathy Dorshimer, Crissy Hodges-Chakrani, Jackie VandenBosch

  • Employee benefits including voluntary benefits
  • Work climate concerns
  • Employee health and safety
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Working w/ the WLO to enable reimbursement of shipping breast milk home for working mothers
    • Will be reviewing the ‘know more’ report and plan to make recommendation
    • Promoting the TIAA financial series that WACSS sponsors
    • Researching potential barriers for on-call temp staff becoming full time
    • Working to provide a tutorial or reference document that will help staff apply for educational assistance

Diversity / Pluralism / Inclusion Subcommittee

Committee Members: Susan LeCureux (Chair), Lisa Desprez, Elbony Hawkins, Jonne McCoy

  • Promote full participation and an environment of equality
  • Address issues related to women, in under represented occupations
  • Maintain a community grounded in respect for all and appreciation of differences
  • Champion university initiatives that integrate and support inclusive representation in policies and practices
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Working to distribute the MSU recruitment brochure to local businesses
    • Nominating WACSS for the Excellence In Diversity Award (EIDA)
    • Reviewing workforce diversity analytics
    • Hoping to connect with I3 to discuss ways we could create a more diverse and inclusive hiring committee process

University Engagement and Membership

Committee Members: Sherry Stevens (Chair), Pam Hebeler, Amanda Jones, Melissa Peek

  • Engaged and committed to recruiting new WACSS members
  • Maintain full committee representation, ensuring diverse representation of women support staff
  • Works closely with committee sponsors in regards to joint initiatives
  • Promote and represent WACSS at various events
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Working to fill the two APA and 1 CTU vacancies expected on the committee this coming summer
    • 2020 Creating a LinkedIn profile for WACSS

Training / Development / Communications Subcommittee

Committee Members: Emily Khan (Chair), Angela Bigelow, Anslee Norris, Ashley Lathrop, Penny Shanks

  • Monitor and encourage personal and professional development
  • Remain engaged with Human Resources to obtain and share information
  • Website, marketing, and communications
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Researching the ability to waive application fees for support staff to apply for MSU courses
    • Working to grow WACSS’s social media presence on FB
    • Establishing a closer relationship with Athena WIN & WNA
    • Hoping to co-sponsor a walk-and-talk networking event w/ other women’s organizations 

Committee at Large:

  • Be a representative and raise concerns from the unit level and serve as a sounding board to the Executive Vice President for Administration
  • 2019-20 Committee Goals:
    • Working to plan activities in celebration of MLK day 1/20/20  to facilitate networking and increase voter registration
    • Planning the 3/23/20 Spring Forum 

Subcommittee and Ad Hoc Committee

  • Subcommittees meet as needed. The general time commitment is one to two hours per month. The Chair of each subcommittee will give a report to the committee as a whole at each monthly meeting.
2019-20 WACSS members: (L to R): Barbara Roberts, Sherry Stevens, Kathy Dorshimer, Crissy Hodges-Chakrani, Sharon Butler, Lisa Desprez, Amanda Jones, Anslee Norris, Ashley Lathrop, Satish Udpa, Melissa Peek, Pamela Hebeler, Elbony Hawkins, Paulette Granberry Russell, Shannon McGaughey, Jonne McCoy-White, Emily Khan, Christine Leese [not pictured: Angela Bigelow, Jackie VandenBosch]