Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services

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Integrated Planning and Budget Process

MSU recently has embarked on a shared-planning process that will include academic and administrative units. A shared-planning process provides an opportunity for all to articulate their priorities as they align with the institution’s priorities and to advance our service orientation.

This planning process began with fall planning meetings focused on longer-term strategies and asked for responses to the imperatives of the Bolder by Design strategic framework. Unit plans, integrated with those of colleges and academic support units, will enable us to tell the collective story of how we are addressing the university’s overall strategic direction.

In the spring, we will hold budget conversations that will provide units the opportunity to identify resource and funding needs. These needs will be prioritized and should support the units’ overall objectives and focus on the imperatives of Bolder by Design. We will then prioritize them within the university’s longer-term planning and Bolder by Design framework.

Questions about the integrated planning and budgeting process can be directed to Mike Zeig, who coordinates the planning process out of the Office of Planning and Budgets.  He can be reached at or 517-353-1746.